Toxic Masculinity - Tim Winton

Andrew Denton's Interview with Tim Winton discusses toxic masculinity.

Andrew Denton interviewed author Tim Winton on 27th Jun 2019.

The segment starts at 38:30 minutes. Click here to watch the interview.

Reflection questions:

  • How do we stop, redirect or model language that doesn't infer that women are inferior, ornaments or something to be despised?
  • How can being unsafe towards women and girls be unsafe for the boys and men who are perpetrating the culture of toxic masculinity?
  • Is there a culture of shame being perpetuated in your school regarding women and girls?
  • How can your school combat the pressures of parents and wider culture (including entertainment and social media) for boys to act in certain ways about girls, women and LGBTQIA+ people?
  • Why is it important to break the cycle of behaviour:
    • for the boy?
    • for society as a whole?

We suggestion that watching and reflection on Andrew Denton's Interview with Tim Winton regarding toxic masculinity, boys and the damaged men they become would address 1.1.2 'Use teaching strategies based on knowledge of students' physical, social and intellectual development and characteristics to improve student learning' and 4.4.2 'Ensure students' wellbeing and safety within school by implementing school and/or system, curriculum and legislative requirements' of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.



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