Women and LGBTQIA+ people face difficulties

The proposed 2019 religious freedom Bill may result in the diminution of women's rights, LGBTQIA+ rights and people with disabilities rights.


 The article 'Here's why women should be worried about new religious discrimination laws' by Diana Sayed is written about the proposed religious freedom bill and theorises that its ramifications would be widespread and negate the human rights of many people in Australia.

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As you read it, consider:

  • Australia as a nation was purposefully created without a reference to any religion. Do you know why?
  • How will current anti-discrimination law in Australia be affected by a religious freedom law?
  • How will affect the human rights of Australians who are from different faiths, or not religious?
  • How will this affect the health system and provision of equitable services to all people?
  • If moral superiority of one group of people becomes legal superiority, what does this mean for democratic structures in Australia?
  • In NSW, religion-based employers are already exemption from many provisions under anti-discrimination legislation, however the children/students themselves are protected. Australia guarantees a child's right to access quality education. 34-38% of schools in Australia are non-government schools. If the schools/centres gain the ability to discriminate against children, how will this effect the equity of access of education for all Australian children? 

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