Marcel McClinton is running for Houston City Council whilst still finishing high school

High school student Marcel McClinton is running for Houston City Council at seventeen years' old. As a student, McClinton was a co-organiser for the March for Our Lives Houston movement where 15 000 Houstonians marched in support of seeking sensible gun violence prevention legislation. He was part of the group of student activists who travelled across the country with the Road to Change holding town halls and rallies. He has worked hard to register voters and connect communities of like minded people across the USA.

The podcast Pod Save America interviewed Marcel McClinton on 4 July 2019 regarding his activism, his role as a organiser and the role that young people can play in seeking and holding office. The tension between not having enough experience and stepping up to be accountable and responsible for how society is governed and lead is discussed in this interview.

The interview follows other topics that were currently happening in the USA at the time of recording the episode:

This interview might be useful to update a teacher's knowledge about young people, activism and their role in society. 

For more about Marcel McClinton, his website is here.

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