Crime Stoppers NSW Crime Prevention Fact Sheets

Crime Stoppers NSW has made fact sheets available for parents, carers and teachers regarding online safety for children.


The eSafety Commissioner and Crime Stoppers NSW have partnered to make a fact sheet regarding children's online safety for use with parents, carers and teachers.

Click here to access 'Fact sheet for parents: Unwanted contact'.

Click here to access 'Fact sheet: Child sexual abuse material'.

Click here to access 'Fact sheet: Tips to be smart online'

Click here to access 'Protect your Children Online'.


When reading these fact sheets, consider:

  • In what ways could I use these resources to talk with parents/carers of the school community about their children's online safety?
  • Are these fact sheets useful in class to talk to students about online safety? In which circumstances would they be applicable and how would I develop that discussion with the students?

We'd recommend that the exercise of considering how to use this resource with the parent/carer community of the school would address Standard descriptor 7.3.2 - Establish and maintain respectful and collaborating relationships with parents/carers regarding their children's learning and wellbeing.

If the teacher is considering how to use this in a classroom, we'd recommend Standard descriptor 4.5.2 - Incorporate strategies to promote the safe, responsible and ethical use of ICT in learning and teaching. 4.4.2 may also be applicable.

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